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A little bit about Keshi Di Hulanda: A cheese shop where we sell our Eco Living Aruba Honey

Located at Arena Condo’s on J.E. Irasquin Blvd. 254 right next to La Cabana is a cheese shop called “Keshi Di Hulanda”.  Translated to English it means Cheeses of Holland.  We at Eco Living Aruba are happy to be able to sell our Honey there and we also enjoy the cheeses and cured meats in the store as well.  Keshi Di Hulanda is run and operated by a gentleman by the name of Niels Wallin.  He is usually there all day but has people helping him in the shop so if for any reason he isn’t at the shop there is always someone with a smiling face ready to help you out. 

Niels is an expat from Holland.  He moved to Aruba in 2018 when his wife started working at the Hospital on Aruba just before Covid.  They were only supposed to stay for a little while but decided to stay longer.  Niels has been working in the cheese business since he was 18 years of age.  He started out in the Cheese and Poultry business then ventured into the restaurant business. Ultimately he realized that his true passion is cheese so he spent time with different cheese makers learning to make cheeses in different parts of Europe.

Just before moving to Aruba Niels owned and operated a large Cheese store in Holland with a partner.  He realized that since he would be moving to Aruba he would not have the time for the Cheese shop in Holland anymore so he decided to sell his shares.  He then moved to Aruba but after a few months living on Aruba Niels got the Cheese bug and decided to sell Cheeses again on Aruba but he started off small at Dakota Shopping Mall.  He started making Caribbean Pizzas with his Cheese and even created a Cheese Lovers App.  He expanded into selling more cheeses and before too long he had over 500 cheese loving customers on his app.  Covid really accelerated his business and that’s when he decided to look for a bigger shop and that’s where he found his current store near La Cabana at Arena Condos.  

Niels specializes in small family run cheese businesses that you won’t find by regular grocerystores or other shops.  He expanded his offerings to include wine, artwork and even local products like our Eco Living Aruba Honey.  His favorite Cheeses are Creme Brie, Blue Cheeses and Old Cheeses.  He likes a lot of flavor in his cheeses.  Since opening his Cheese shop he has started making sandwiches for customers He has many specials but he only lists them on Facebook or Instagram so you will need to search for them on his Social Media.  He also supplies Cheeses to Divi, Fusion restaurant, 080 Cafe, La Cabana, Amsterdam Manor and Cost Linda.  
If you are in the mood for some delicious Cheeses that you can’t find anywhere else on the island then you need to try Keshi Di Hulanda.  You can find Niels at his Arena Condos store or you can send him a message on Facebook, Instagram or you can search for him on Google.  His cell phone number is 6414889.  

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