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Bliss at Super Food Aruba now sells our Products

It has been quite the journey to finally say that “We have arrived”. When we first started with Bee Keeping on Aruba back in 2018 we had no idea where the journey would take us. At best we hoped that in a couple of years we would have the Bee Keeping thing down but it took longer than just a couple of years, and we are still learning. All along we hoped for the best, some honey here, some wax there and we would figure it out. Through time we discovered our Aruba Bees always had surprises for us. By nature they don’t really need to store honey since we do not have a winter season on Aruba so ofcourse this put a damper on things since Honey was one of the products we were relying on to sell. The other suprise was that they like to abscond, migrate to different locations on the island, in search of more food. In nature this makes perfect sense but as a Bee Keeper you can imagine the headaches that this brings about. But we preservered and here we are, our lovely products.

Diversifying on Aruba is key

Among the many things we have learned is that honey is seasonal. Bees and trees can not always supply us with nectar and honey. Being that we are in the business of bees this idea alone made Bee Keeping as a business difficult. We learned, however, that wax is another type of gold. Along with honey comes wax production. In fact, its takes 5 lbs of honey to make 1 lb of wax. Wax we can store and use when we needed it and the products we make also contains Aruba Bees wax. So when our hives are resting and not busy busy with nectar flow we ourselves can keep busy busy with the wax we have stored from our Bees, our other liquid gold.

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