Honey Color! What does it mean on Aruba?

Aruba is blessed with outstanding beaches, friendly people and Sunshine year round.  But did you know that Aruba is also blessed with flora that can handle the heat, the dry temperature and difficult growing conditions?  Yes, even though we are an island in the Caribbean and we do have Palm Trees we are not like

Why we love Eco Living Aruba’s Coconut Charcoal Soap

Soap making can be done in different forms such as cold process, hot process or even melt and pour.  There is nothing wrong with any of these processes but if you are talking about Artisinal Soap Making nine times out of ten the cold process is implemented.  By using cold process soap making you can

Our First Aruba Soap Making Class

We couldn’t be more excited to have Iris and Erik spend their 1 year anneversary with us to learn more about soap making. We’ve recently launched our Soap Making Experience on Airbnb Experiences and we were excited to receive Iris and Erik as our first guests! What makes our Aruba Soaps different from other local


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About Us

Hi, we are Dan and Rose, a Husband and Wife team who are passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle. We started Eco Living Aruba in 2018 and haven’t looked back since then. We are Bee Keepers on the island of Aruba but we do so much more then keep Bees.

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