Beekeeping + Other Experiences

We love creating a buzz about bees. Join our Bee Experience to get up close and personal with our bees and learn lots about these amazing creatures. This experience is described as “Unusual, Fun, Educational & Memorable” Its a great family activity for all ages between 5 and 105 years old.

We also offer educational and fun activities especially for our younger ones. Like a Bee Presentation on location or at our location and include a lipbalm making class.

Not so much into bees, but love making your own natural products? Step inside our production area and learn how to create your own Cold Processed bar of soap. This class is for ages 14 and above.

And there is more, Eco Living Aruba gives also private consultations and workshops on Syntropic Agriculture. Learn about an ecosystem that keeps all your plants alive and creates an abundance of food around you! Not just for your family, but also for our bee population on our beautiful island.

We also cater to groups or can create an unique experience for your special occasion. Feel free to contact us with any questions/ requests you have and we will see what we can do for you.

Overview of what we offer:

  • Bee Experience ($42 pp)
  • Soap Making Class ($50 pp, incl 3 bars of soap)
  • Bee presentation on location (free for schools/ price on request)
  • Bee presentation at ECO LIVING ARUBA including lipbalm making experience ($5 pp, minimum of 5 participants) *age 6 till 12
  • Private garden consultation based on Syntropic Agriculture ($25 per 30 min)
  • Workshop Syntropic Agriculture (only twice a year, add your name to the list)

Aruba's Bee Experience

Our Aruba Bee Experience allows those individuals who have an interest in Aruba Wildlife an opportunity to experience Bee Keeping up close and personal.

We will spend a little time discussing the types of trees and flowers the Bees generally take pollen and nectar from.  We will then talk about the type of Bee Hive that we use and why it works for us.  Next we proceed to suit up and visit two of our Bee Box locations.  There we will look at the hives, talk about what is happening in the hive, the best way to open a hive and last but not least taste some of the honey.  The beautiful thing about trying honey from a hive is that each location has a different flavor.

Price per person:    $  42.00  per person

Bee Experience

From: $42.00

Come join beekeeper Daniel on our Bee Experience! We have had all kinds of people taken this tour, from experienced beekeepers themselve to people that where super scared for bees before. But they all say the same thing: “What a great experience!”

Daniel is super passionate about “his” bees and loves to share this with you.

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