Eco Living Aruba Bee Experience

Do I need to bring a car?

Yes, we will be visitng two locations to taste the Honey. If you do not have a car we will see what we can arrange.

Do I need to wear pants or closed toed shoes?

Yes, it is for your protection. We will have extra pants available if we feel the pants that you have are not adequate. We will not have shoes for you.

Will we be able to film and take pictures with the bees?

Yes! We highly recommend this and if there isn’t anyone else in your party to take pictures of you then Beekeeper Dan can take the photos for you.

Will we be trying fresh Honey from the Hives?

Yes! We will try Honey from two locations. We feel that this is important in order for you to experience Honey flavor on Aruba.

Will we get to visit your home store and see the hand made Aruba products that you make?

Yes! That is the last stop on our trip so I can answer any questions that you may have.

Eco Living Aruba Handmade Products

Can I travel on a Plane with Eco Living Aruba products?

Yes! We have designed our products with the traveler in mind. They are small enough to fit any luggage.

Are Eco Living Aruba products made and packaged on Aruba?

Yes! Not only do we make them and package them but we also come up with the formulas ourselves.

Do you use any plastic in your packaging?

We use zero plastic packaging for our products.

Can I get Eco Living Aruba gift sets?

Yes! We have different options available on our website but you can also pass by our home store.