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Our First Aruba Soap Making Class

We couldn’t be more excited to have Iris and Erik spend their 1 year anneversary with us to learn more about soap making. We’ve recently launched our Soap Making Experience on Airbnb Experiences and we were excited to receive Iris and Erik as our first guests! What makes our Aruba Soaps different from other local soaps is that we use at least one local ingredient in our soaps. During the class you can ask as many questions as you would like about the history and processes of soap making. Iris and Erik deicded to make a small batch of our Charcoal Soap as well as our Honey Soap. They learned about percentages and ratios in soap making and also what types of oils affect the Soap. Eco Living Aruba has been making handmade soaps on Aruba since 2019 and so we have had time to acquire a little bit of skill and knowledge through our experience. Since we feel strongly that more people need to get involved in creating their own supplies, such as making soaps, we thought it prudent to pass on our knowledge to others seeking to learn the art of soap making. The more we can do for ourselves at home the better off we are in using less plastics in our environment. Soap making is an easy process but can seem intiidating at first. Iris and Erik took on the challenge and they will be able to now enjoy their showers a little bit more with soaps they made themselves on Aruba!

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