Growing Food on Aruba

Syntropic Farming Course on Aruba #1

On April 23rd, 2022 Eco Living Aruba helped to host the first Syntropic Farming course on the island of Aruba. The Instructor for the course, Roland van Reenen, is a long time Syntropic Farming evangelist hailing from the island of Curacao. Both Aruba and Curacao have very dry and arid climates. As you can imagine trying to grow plants in an arid desert climate can be a challenge. Enthusiasm to learn more about Syntropic Farming was in abundance as in a metter of days the event was sold out.

More than 35 people participated in the event, young and old. For three days participants learned about using cover crops, wood as well as the importance of the direction of the sun in order to create and environment where trees can grow with out the use of too much watering. The results will be apparent in the coming years and the benefits will be felt long term.

A bit about Syntropic Farming. Syntropic farming is a method of agroforestry developed by Ernst Götsch. Its strength comes from aligning with the power of natural succession. Natural succession is the tendency for nature to rehabilitate land, taking it from barren to fertile and densely vegetated.

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