Local Beekeepers Striving for a more Sustainable Aruba

Ethical Beekeeping and Sustainability

Since 2018 we have been practicing Ethical Beekeeping on our beautiful island of Aruba. For us this means not exploiting the bees, keeping the amount of the hives per location low and diversify the hive locations. By doig so we are able to keep complete control of our product quality while not disturbing the delicate ecosystem of our Bees. We have been promoting sustainability in our beekeeping practices but also in our products.

Get involved

Get involved with Eco Living Aruba! Either as an individual or as an organization/school, we have different programs for everyone. How about adopting a bee or maybe Foster a whole beehive? Or do you like to learn more about Aruba's Desert Bees and the surroundings they trive in? We got you covered! From presentations on location to a visit at our own Bee Nursery, we will teach you everything you need to know. This can be done for individuals, organizations or even schools.

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