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Why we love Eco Living Aruba’s Coconut Charcoal Soap

Soap making can be done in different forms such as cold process, hot process or even melt and pour.  There is nothing wrong with any of these processes but if you are talking about Artisinal Soap Making nine times out of ten the cold process is implemented.  By using cold process soap making you can make different designs and layes in your final soap bars.  Also you don’t need as much equipment to make cold process soap since basically you let the lye solution work its magic with your oils.  Being that we use heat sensitive ingredients such as Honey as well as Aloe we opt for the cold process soap making.  However, today we are here to discuss why we love our Aruba Coconut Charcoal Soap and all the benefits of using charcoal in your soap.

There are many benefits to using Aruban Coconut Charcoal.  It is non toxic but also helps to detoxify.  It cleans your pores and also helps to take care of Acne problems.  It is microporous so it easily absorbs oils or toxins in your skin.  In general it is useful in eliminating bacteria, chemicals and impurities.  It is very important to use Activated charcoal and not regular charcoal that you may get from your grill for example.  Since we try to be as natural as possible we use regular lime juice to activate our Coconut Charcoal.  We let the charcoal sit overnight in lime juice and the reaction of acid in the lime juice activates the charcoal. Then we painstakingly grind our Coconut Charcoal down into a fine powder for use in our Soaps.  The time from collecting the coconut to extracting the husk and then carbonizing the coconut shells can be lengthy but it’s all necessary in order to get the best product possible.  

What makes our Aruban Coconut Charcoal Soap special you might ask?  Well, besides being made locally from scratch, it’s the only soap that we make that uses an essential oil.  In this case we use Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree Oil is a powerful antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria as well as viruses and can even enhance white blood cell activity.  By the way, our skin is the biggest organ we have on our body, so what we put on it goes into our body.  Tea tree oil can reduce Acne and has anti-inflamatory properties.  Studies have also shown that Tea Tree Oil can have anti cancer and anti tumor properties.  Because we are Pro Pollinators we make an extra effort not to use scents in our products unless there is a medicinal benefit to your skin.  In this case we use tea Tree Oil which is actually derived from leaves and not flowers.  

Artisanal Soap making is made in small batches so when you buy our Aruban Coconut Charcoal Soap you can be assured that not only are the ingredients top notch but more than likely no one will have the same type of Coconut Charcoal Soap that you use.  Also, keep in mind that when you purchase artisanal products you are helping to support small local businesses.  So go ahead, enjoy that non toxic, detoxifying, anti bacterial, island made lather of goodness, enjoy our Aruban Coconut Charcoal Soap!

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